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Desmond Miles burst though the door of his History class. "Mr. Miles, you are fifteen minutes late!" Shouted his teacher Mr. Malik.
"I'm sorry, sir."
The historian and engineer teacher sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Take you seat, Mr. Miles."
"Yes sir…" he mumbled.
He took his seat next to his friends Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings. "Second time this week, Desmond, and its only Thursday," Rebecca teased.
Desmond sighed. "Ezio and Altiar have me cramming for something called the Brotherhood, I think it's a family thing."
Shaun shrugged. "Well all you missed was the fascinating history of The Cold War, mostly just America's part."
"You three, quiet."
"Yes, sir," all three of them said at once.

"That's your homework for the night, get it done of detention for all of you."
The students just mumbled knowing that groaning would only get them either more homework or a check on their term work. "Mr. Miles, may I talk to you?" Mr. Malik asked.
Shaun and Rebecca raised an eyebrow. "See you guys in world language…"
"Good luck," Shaun whispered.
Desmond took a deep breath and sauntered over. "Yes, sir?"
The disabled teacher took his glasses off and looked him straight in the eye. "Your great grandfathers, might have founded this university, but that does not give you the opportunity to do what you like, Mr. Miles."
"But, I know that your family including you Uncles Mr. Aulditore and that slacker Altair have been training you as well."
"Yes, sir."
The teacher than gave a faint smile. "Straight A student, excellent athlete, strong, and the best track member at Creed University."
Desmond relaxed slightly. "Thank you, sir."
"I suspect that your uncle, Altair will lead us to victory against Abstergo and the Templars this year?"
Desmond smiled. "Of course, sir."
"I'll write you a pass, where are you going?"
"Art, sir."
"Ah, Leonardo, inspirational genius, and works here for some odd reason, well here now get going."
"Thank you, sir."
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted," they both murmured as he walked out.

As Desmond walked down the giant halls of Creed he sighed. His family tree owned the school and a lot of Italy from Ezio's work back in the day. No one knew this but Shaun, Rebecca and Lucy but his family had a history of being secret assassins under the wing of the chairman of the school Machiavelli. To be honest, he was supposed to be next in line. Desmond shivered and entered Art.

"Ah Desmond. Come we are working with expressive painting!" Mr. Di Vinci said happily.
"Yes, sir."
"Call me Leonardo please, Desmond we have been over this many, many times."
"Yes, Leonardo."
It was protocol at this school to call teachers by either sir, ma'am, or their surname. He found Lucy standing next to the window. "Desmond! Over here!"
He sighed and walked over. He set his bag down and put on an apron."
Desmond sighed and looked at his best friend. He glanced at her painting blobs of pink and yellow. "Someone's feeling happy."
She smiled. "Well of course, aren't you?"
Lucy knew more than anyone what stress he was going though. "Scratch that."

"Ah, Lucy. What a beautiful piece of work."
Leonardo smiled at the wonderful mash of warm and friendly colors. Then walked over to Desmond. "Oh, are you down?"
Streaks of black, grey and red, Desmond nodded. "Hm...?"

Desmond sat at his lunch table and listened to Rebecca's nonsense about her crush on some boy in her English. "So did you hear?" Shaun asked taking a bite from his bagel.
No one answered. "We're getting two students from GENTEK U tomorrow."
"Whoa U.S?" Rebecca said obviously interested.
Even though all of them had lived there for a numerous amount of years they had been studying abroad for a couple years. To be honest they were planning to stay for awhile, since Desmond wouldn't get a change to leave probably until the end of his college years. "Do you know their names?" Lucy asked.
Desmond thought. "Alex and Dana Mercer…"
They all looked at him. "How do you know?"
Ezio and Altair were fighting about it, Altair doesn't want him here."
Everyone stayed silent. "Ezio accepts about anyone, Ezio won the fight but Altair will be hard on him in Gym."
"Lets hope for the best," Shaun and Lucy mumbled.

Desmond sat with his aunt Claudia as they waited for the other two members of the family to be done with work. Claudia was the home education teacher at the school and consular. "How was your day, Desmond?" she asked.
Desmond shrugged. "I don't know…fine I guess."
She smiled gently. "Well, Leonardo showed me this," she said quietly pulling something up from behind her chair. The young assassin sighed. "Look, I'm just worn out…"
His aunt sighed and fixed her skirt. "Why Desmond?"
"Just all the training, and Altair being so strict, and…"
"Is it that…one…boy?"
Desmond put his hands to his face. He knew this family had a reputation of something as well. Being well…homosexual. His grandfather married his grandmother of course, but Ezio had an obvious thing for Leonardo and Altair and Malik have been going steady for a while. He had a crush on a boy but when he was going to ask him to hang out another kid, who was also homosexual but showed it more he had pushed him into a locker and said get out of this school, fag! Desmond ran then and asked his godfather Machiavelli to expel him. Of course he did. Desmond wiped his eyes and looked at his kind mother like aunt. "I don't want to be this way."
Claudia frowned. "Your beautiful, and you always will be, never change."
Desmond wiped his eyes just in time. "Stand up, Desmond," Altair commanded.
"Yes, sir."

"Try it again, Desmond. It's a simple routine block, turn, grab, stab."
Desmond sighed and readied his blades. "Go!"
Altair watched focused and sighed with relief. As his nephew went though the motions perfectly. "Good, well I guess I should hand you over to Ezio."
The larger of the two smirked. "You are fifteen minutes over due, Altair."
"His form was sloppy, and you know that. His block was a mess and his turn, a two year old could trip him!"
Altair stopped himself and looked at the worn high school student. "You did a good job, Desmond. I'm sorry. Just some of those kids in, gym, we need one more student for Parkour then we could enter into some competitions."
Ezio sighed. "Now that you say that we need a student for programming."
Altair sighed. "So many of our top students graduated."

Now remember that you need to blend in. So wear jackets, jeans, and if you could boots, but sneakers would do. Don't stick," Ezio stopped.
Desmond was just playing with his pencil. "Desmond?"
His uncle sighed and took a seat next to his only nephew. "Something bothering you? Is it that boy from a couple weeks ago?"
"I don't want to be gay…" he mumbled.
"I don't want to be different. Shaun and Rebecca like each other. Lucy is with the head of the football team and she's a cheerleader! Why me? Training to be a killer, and a fag!"
"Never say that, Desmond Miles."
His uncle looked angry. "Yes, sir…"
Ezio sighed. "School. Well I guess I had it harder when I was younger. I always used women as beards though. So no one ever knew."
"That's called bi, I'm gay. I have no interest in women…and it's embarrassing"
Ezio sighed. "You are a wonderful young man, Desmond. Don't let anyone change that. Besides the year just started three weeks ago. You'll get better. High school is scary and it will be hard at times. Just hang in there."
"You love Leonardo."
"Yes, yes I do. I met him when I was only 17 just two years older than you," he said with a chuckle.
"Now your old and boring."
His uncle grabbed him and put him in a headlock. "I'm in my mid twenties! I am plenty young!"
Miles began to laugh with his kind uncle. He always made him feel better for whom he was.

Once Altair and Desmond entered the school a student stood hunched on the desk. "Who the cazzo are you?" Altair shouted.
Desmond sighed. Whenever his Uncle's swore they swore in Italian. The young man frowned. "Alex, Alex Mercer, sir. My sister and I are from GENTEK," he said harshly.
"Where is your sister?"
Altair glared at him. "Take the hood off, we don't allow hoods during school hours," he mumbled.
"It's an hour before school, and why have a hood on the uniform if you can't wear them?"
Altair grumbled and leaned over the desk rummaging though the desk. "Uncle?" Desmond asked.
"What?" he snapped.
The young man walked to the other side and opened the drawer. "It's right here," he uttered handing the paper to Altair.
Altair snatched and looked over it. "He has the same schedule as you Desmond, just eighth hour you two separate," show him around.
Desmond blinked. "Yes, sir."
"When your sister comes I'll have my cousin show her around."

Desmond led Alex done the long halls of the school. "Whoa, big place, even bigger than GENTEC."
"One of the first schools," Desmond said stopping at locker 3304. "Here's the combination."
Alex stuffed it in his pocket and just banged the locker and opened it. "No need for lock, hell. I don't even need change for vending machines."
Desmond looked at him with caution. "Kay, then. Well put your stuff in-"
Mercer pitched the sack of books and folder in and slammed the locker. "Done," he said bluntly.
He had no personality really, and was quite pale too. Desmond sighed and began sauntering down the hall. "Well you'll have home room with Mr. Malik and just stay there for History." Then we'll take a left down to the gym with my uncle Altair."
"My uncles are the staff at this school and in charge as well. Ezio and Altair, Ezio's sister and my aunt Claudia runs Home education and that's just down the hall last door on the left."
"Got it."
"Mind if I just show you the map?"
"I don't really even get why you're showing me since we have every class together," he said with a shrug.
The barista sighed and sat on the sitting area right outside the gym. "Fine, after home education we'll go to art class, actually art and PE switch off everyday so either second or third."
Alex just listened. "Then to first class of English, then lunch, then back to English. World language, math, science and programming."
"That all?"
"Well for me when I have programming you'll have engineering and that's-"
"You have a nice face you know that?"
Desmond stopped talking and thought he didn't hear him right. "Oh, ha-ha, making fun of the school nerd," he said with a slight blush
Alex chuckled.

Malik entered class beginning with names. Alister, Axler, Bryan, Crane, Doyle, Dyan. Fooler."
After another minute he reached M's."
"Desmond? Yes you're here okay. Mercer? Mercer?"
"Yeah, I'm here don't worry."
Malik glared at the young man and continued.

Once class was done Desmond stood up and walked out with Shaun and Rebecca. "Are you done socializing? We should get to gym."
Desmond stopped for a moment and glanced at Shaun and Rebecca. "Go on, we need to get to Careers class anyway. Seeya," Rebecca shrugged.
Shaun waved and walked away. "Those two an item?"
Desmond clutched his bag. "Yeah, come on lets get going."

"Okay, you novices."
"Excuse me, sir. Why are you teaching this class?" asked a student.
"Because that slacker, Altair skipped out today to go get some supplies for the school."
Everyone hated when Malik was the PE teacher. One, he was just as bad, maybe even worse with PE than History, and he made almost all kids feels like crud since he was stronger and faster than most and was quite strong upper body wise even with the disadvantage he had. "Hurdles, we'll start that today. Desmond and I'll show."
Desmond hated being picked out form the crowd. But he didn't object. Malik and himself waited on the starting line. "Run four laps, jump hurdles every time four sets gets higher and higher," Mr. Malik announced.
He heard the groans. "Should I add another four laps, novices?" He shouted back at them slightly annoyed.
"No, sir," they all mumbled.
Alex sat on the bench and leaned forward. "GO!" Malik shouted.
Desmond burst into a dash right beside Malik. The first set was easy and was easy to avoid. Malik never slowed and neither did he. The adrenaline rushed forward as the second came. This one was higher, but only by about three inches. He took a leap forward and was able to avoid it simply. Malik jumped over it easily without the leap. "Come on, Miles. Get running!"
"You haven't seen anything."
Malik smirked and they ran around the crowd once more. Third set was high, but thankfully there was a spring. He easily did a flip over it and landed perfectly on the mat. "This is embarrassing."
"Your uncles are training you to be in the Brotherhood next. Of course you're going to be in top physical condition. As Desmond passed by the crowd he saw a smirk on Alex's face and saw him standing with the crowd. "One more," he thought.
This one was high, way high and no spring. "Use what you know," Malik mouthed.
"Yes, sir."
He took two long strides then into a cartwheel. As he came only about four inches from the hurdle he flipped over and landed on the mat. "Great!" Malik whispered as they came to a stop in front of the others.

As Alex and Desmond went though the hurdles Alex looked at the fit young man. "You just ran faster than most can't handle, flips and cartwheels and you haven't broken a sweat."
"Family genies."
The hurdles were low and easy to handle now. Malik just enjoyed showing off, but so did Desmond at times. The girls swarmed, but he pretty much ignored them all. "We should have a race of our own. Do you Parkour?"
Also in family genies. "I do."
"Cool. Want to go to the old factory on the way here?"
"Sure, but I'm booked till Friday."
"That's fine. So it's a date?"
The young man blushed at the word and looked at his pale friend. "Yeah…" he said with a weak smile.

Art class was easy to handle, just free draw that was a good thing about Mr. Di Vinci, he was about the easiest teacher to get along with and keep a solid A in.  "Who's the English teacher?"
A guy with jet black hair walked up to Desmond and gave him a slap on the back, he must have been from PE. Desmond rotated his shoulder and glanced at him. "Oh, her name is Mrs. Sforza," he answered. "Hell of a name."
Desmond chuckled. "Really though be careful around her, she has a pretty colorful vocabulary when she's angered. But she's a really good teacher."
Alex sighed. "This uniform is weird."
Desmond shrugged. It was the simple getup for girls white skirt red trim, and a white blouse with a red tie. Boys wore white trousers with a hooded jacket with red trim as well."
"Yeah, my great, great, great uncle designed it."
"How come you don't have to wear it? You seem to get pretty special treatment, and you know what's funny no one seems to give a damn about it."
"That's because everyone's used to it. This school goes from first grade all the way to graduation of high school. My family runs this pretty much, and I have training after school anyway."
"Training for what?"
Desmond didn't answer. He was never supposed to tell anyone about his training. Thankfully though Alex let it go.

"Good morning, class."
Mrs. Sforza glanced around the room and caught Alex. "Ah, Mr. Mercer please introduce yourself."
"Rather not."
"Stand up, Mr. Alex Mercer," she said raising an eyebrow.
He held up his hands in defeat and stood. "My names Alex Mercer, and I have the ability to control biomass," he said with a shrug.
Everyone laughed. Desmond though raised an eyebrow. That was one thing GENTEK was good at biomass and science."
Mrs. Sforza seemed to notice this as well but didn't talk about it. "Well Mr. Funny bone, take your seat. Today we'll be learning a little more advanced skills of adverb work," she said with a sweet smile.
This class filled with moans.

"Okay, Lunch bell, see you then," Sforza announced.
Desmond and Alex stood up and walked out together. "You seem to be fitting right in." Desmond pointed out.
"Yeah, thanks to you," he said with a smirk.
He blushed slightly. "You're a real flirt, ya know that?" It was strange to say to another guy but it was true.
He shrugged. "I've been told."
Desmond and Alex chuckled as they went into the cafeteria. Shaun and Rebecca were waiting at the usual circle table. "Hey, is he sitting with us today?" Rebecca asked.
Desmond blinked and it just seemed so natural to have him around even though it was only the first day. "Is that okay?"
"Sullen aren't ya?" Rebecca asked with a grin. Alex shrugged half-heartedly and sat next to Desmond. Lucy came up also with a friend. "Whos-" Desmond began.
Desmond looked at them both and realized they looked similar, this must have been his sister he was mentioning at the beginning of the day. "She has some of my classes so, I invited her," she said gleefully.
Shaun looked her up and down for a second. "You must be the one from GENTEK that cracked almost all their security codes."
She laughed. "You heard about that? Ha-ha, yeah that was me alright," she said with a laugh.
She took a seat next to Rebecca and her brother. "So how's the first day going so far?" she asked Alex.
"It's been better than I expected."
Desmond laughed and stood up to get his lunch.

Lucy and Rebecca talked about Science club while Shaun explained to Dana about programming. "You don't like them do you?" asked Desmond taking a bite out of the sandwich.
Alex shrugged. "Not what I would expect for your type of friends."
Desmond raised an eyebrow but didn't feel like dragging it out. "So, Desmond. I heard that your family runs this school pretty much."
Desmond blushed. He tried to fit in as much as possible. But with Malik and Altair always riding him in and out it was hard. "Yeah."
Alex nudged her indicating it was a sensitive subject. Alex glanced down at Desmond's clothing. To be honest it was the same jacket, but he wore jeans and he never saw him roll them up like all the other guys did. He smirked and saw a small opening showing the small of his back. He smirked and lifted his hand slightly.

Shaun noticed the small gesture and watched out of the corner of his eye. He was shocked to see a black and red type of gooey looking substance quickly travel downward. Only about a second later did he see Desmond spring up surprised. "What the hell?" he shouted.
No one seemed to notice the random outburst other than his friends at the table. Shaun raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Dana who looked surprised. "Dana, may I have a word?"

"What was that?" he asked near the girl's bathroom.
Dana adjusted her collar and ran a hand though her hair. "What was what?"
Shaun hated conversations like this. "You know what the bloody hell I mean!" he snapped at her.
She sighed and crossed her arms. "It's called biomass."
Shaun had heard of the word but never really heard that. "I heard there was an infection of it in New York."
"Yes, and that's is where we're from. New York. Those bastards…"
Shaun raised an eyebrow and crossed his own arms. "They did something to him and he wants revenge now. But they transferred us here for some damned reason so we can't do squat for now."
Shaun smirked. "Oh really now? Talk to Rebecca about it."

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly. Alex only seemed amused or happy when only around Desmond or Dana. He warmed up to the other three but still wasn't as cheerful around them. Desmond walked down the hall with Dana. She was a year younger than them but she was in the advanced programming class with Desmond. "So you guys like Creed U?" he asked shifting his weight to his other foot as they waited for the teacher to open the door to the next session. "Pretty good. It was a relief that everyone spoke English."
Desmond laughed. "My brother told me you two had a date today."
He sighed. "Why does he have to call it a date?" he asked.
She shrugged. Then blinked. "Wait…you haven't noticed?" she asked sounding amazed by something.
"Noticed what?"
She sighed.

Lucy and Rebecca stood by the exit doors. Lucy noticed Desmond walking up. "Can you come over tonight? I need help with Science."
Rebecca laughed. "That's right, you have that date with Alex."
"Why is everyone calling it that now?" he asked sounding exhausted.
Lucy and Rebecca glanced at each other. "I guess Dana was telling the truth," Lucy shrugged.
"Yeah, I thought she was kidding."
They walked away mumbling about Desmond. "What's going on?" he asked himself.
Um...this is my first attempt at a fanfiction. I do attempt to make this into chapters. Sorry this one is so long. Please comment on it. Thanks:heart:

Real yaoi doesn't start till chapter 2

Part 2: [link]

Part 1: Already Here
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Part 4: ///
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